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Imagine the world without flowers

One of the most beautiful gifts of Mother Nature are flowers, but have you ever wondered what planet earth would be like without them? Picture this- a garden with just shrubs, Valentine’s Day without roses, funerals without flowers and wreaths, weddings without floral decorations, or even a bride without a bouquet. Do you get the picture? A world without flowers would be pretty dull!

Let’s look at another picture. Have you ever thought about what life would be like without florists? Florists provide an invaluable service. They design and arrange flowers in a unique way. Life without florists would be even duller. Do you think you could find the many beautiful flowers included in a floral arrangement. Do you think you would know what kind of flowers to include in a wreath or a bridal bouquet? Do you think you would have the time to deliver your flowers to your loved ones? In fact, delivering your flowers would be quite boring and would totally destroy the element of surprise. Here’s an even grimmer picture of how life would really be without flowers.

A Garden without flowers

A garden is not a garden without flowers. A flowerless garden can be quite unattractive. Have you ever seen a garden overgrown with shrubs and thorns? Ugly, isn’t it? Yet if those shrubs and thorns are removed to reveal the flowers, it would make a huge difference. Spring is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year but without flowers, there would hardly be any reason to look forward to it. There would be no promise of the springing up tulips, daisies, lilies or orchids. Birds and bees love flowers. No flowers would also mean no honey for us, because bees make honey using the nectar found in some flowers.

Valentine’s Day Without Flowers

Of course chocolates, candy hearts, cards and teddy bears are lovely gifts to receive on Valentine’s Day, but can you imagine not receiving a single red rose? The most flowers are sent on Valentine’s Day and roses are the traditional flower to be given on this day. Red roses are symbolic of passion and the best way to show someone you are in love with them is to send them a single red rose.

Funerals Without Flowers

Flowers have long played a major role in funerals. Back in the days, fragrant flowers were used to mask the offensive odour of the decomposing body. Nowadays, sympathy flowers are sent to the bereaved family. Flowers are also used in the funeral ceremony to honour the deceased and to create a warm atmosphere throughout the funeral service. Can you imagine not having any wreaths to honour your loved one? Can you think of anything other than a beautiful bouquet of flowers that has the ability to cheer up a bereaved person?

Weddings without flowers

Weddings would never be the same without flowers. Flowers have the power to create a wonderful atmosphere and evoke euphoric feelings. Without them, a wedding ceremony would be incomplete. What would be used to decorate the wedding venue? What would flower girls scatter along the isle? What would the bride use instead of a bouquet? What would she throw to the bachelorettes? Are you getting the gist? In essence, without flowers, the wedding photos would look so drab! Flowers create a beautiful backdrop and can make wedding photographs picture perfect.

Flowers play a pivotal role in our lives. A flowerless planet would be like a bad dream. Flowers and florists go hand in hand and no florists would mean we would have to design our own floral arrangements, figure out on our own the perfect flowers to send our loved ones and also deliver them. Thankfully, we do have flowers on our planet and we also have Florists who alleviate the stress of designing floral arrangements and having them delivered for us.

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